power electronic


C71, C41, C42,C43,C51,C52,C54
1. Widely used in power electronic equipment used for the AC-Filter
2. In UPS, switching power supply, inverter and other equipment for the AC filter, harmonics and improve power factor control.
3. Can replace electrolytic capacitors, better performance and longer life.

The capacitor used as the AC -Filter in the power electronic equipment; for example high-power UPS. In the circuit will use the DC-LINK capacitor C43/C42. The snubber capacitor of C51/52/54. in Generally, the output filter capacitor C45 is necessary. Sometimes we also use an X2 capacitor in the position of power input (1uF/275VAC etc.) Using metalized film capacitor replace electrolytic, it can better resistance the high dv/dt and high ripple current. It have a good self healing that can prolong the lifetime